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30 January 2023

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Customer Stories

Helping Freelance Photographer Shelley Horan

Australian photographer Shelley Horan is renowned for taking vibrant and surprising pictures of people and objects. Based in Melbourne, she typically shoots clients in the design, hospitality and editorial spaces. Her reputation of having an effervescent presence and boundless energy on set makes her highly sought after.

Customer Stories

CineStack help live events last forever

CineStack specialise in onsite media management, post production, and remote streaming services for any live or hybrid event. They are masters of ensuring that the content generated at great live events is produced, managed, and repurposed in the best possible format and remains available for others to access and use into the future.

Customer Stories

Helping Town Square to award winning heights

Melbourne-based Town Square helps brands earn their place in people’s lives. And they’re damn good at it. As a full-service creative advertising agency they’ve won multiple awards, including “Agency of the Year 2020” and “Ad Campaign of the Year 2020”. Town Square specialises in research, strategy, brand development and design, and several other advertising-related services.