Remote working during COVID-19

The key to remote working successfully, is all about using the right tools.
Remote Working

How to send files overseas from Australia

Do you find yourself regularly sending files outside of Australia to recipients across the globe? When you work with international clients, the way that you deliver your files can be just as important as the content itself.

Remote Working

New Zealand-based Optimized Routes edge location launched means faster and more reliable international transfers for Kiwi’s

Digital Pigeon’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide an unrivalled file sharing solution has been given a major boost with AWS’ recent launch of a new edge location in New Zealand’s capital, Auckland.

Remote Working

It’s time to create video content to uplift your remote service delivery, and we can help you share it.

Clients love when you deliver an amazing piece of work, but they will rave about you if they enjoyed the collaboration experience along the way.

Remote Working

3 ways to quickly receive large files from your team and clients

As a creative business you will more than likely be receiving hundreds of files every day with different formats and genres.

Remote Working

How to get the most out of your file collaboration workspaces

With everyone working remotely it can get a bit hectic managing the latest version of files. With email, chat channels, and file links being sent everywhere, multiple times.

Remote Working

Stay connected by recording and sharing your client and team meetings

The world is in social lockdown but the virtual offices are still buzzing. Now is a really important time to stay connected with your team and your clients.